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With our clean and intuitive application, IT team will no longer be needed. You can set up everything by yourself and start to make sales calls, questionnaires or a market research in 15 minutes.

„Webinars scheduled by using CrazyCall led to signing extra licensing agreements, bringing the amount of more than 10 000 EUR.”

Marek Stopka 

Strategic Business Development Director at SALESmanago

“Crazy Call is a tool that rapidly improves efficiency, and thus increases profits not just by achieving the same results at lower cost. Software also improves on these results. The advantage is two-fold: better results achieved at lower cost.”

Tomasz Kaszuba

Chief operating officer at Call Center Inter Galactica

„Our experience with CrazyCall was very positive from the pre-sales part, and it got even better after we got on board. The platform is easy to manage, the sound quality proved to be excellent and the features are getting richer month by month.”

Konstantinos Kormentzas

Managing Partner at Alpha Call Bulgaria S.A.

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