Why CrazyCall?

CrazyCall has many advantages. It’s made to improve telesales
performance, making anyone’s sales go sky high. It’s a great reason to try it out. Once you do — you’ll know that CrazyCall is something you want to share with the world. And you know what’s the best?
You can actually benefit more, when you do!

Why joining CrazyCall partner program is a nice choice?


95 258 000 calls are already made through CrazyCall.

No limitations

Partners of all sizes from all industries are welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re as sizable as Amazon or not, if you have website at your disposal — feel free to join our Program. Once you’re on board, we’re ready for collaboration.

Extra money

Affiliate Partners get 15% of the payments made by the clients registered through their referral link. Resellers receive 20% of the customer payments.
You don’t need any sales experience to make some extra money.


Affiliate Partners and Resellers both have the chance to become Crazy Certified Sales Specialist!
Resellers can receive the title of Crazy Certified Deployment Specialist.
You’ll have the knowledge as wide as our best specialists — we’ll train you. With our educational programs, tutorials and help of our team, you’ll become an expert at all aspects of CrazyCall software! It’s not just a title — it’s an opportunity, it’s a level

Dedicated Account Manager

That makes sure everything goes smoothly. Resellers can reach their account manager whenever they want and get immediate help and advice. There’s no limits, if you need help — there’s always someone you can contact with.


Prompt payment

We guarantee all the payments will arrive on time.

Be first to know

different types of communication channels. As a partner you’re the first to be informed about all the news, updates, special announcements and changes concerning CrazyCall.

Support ticket system

Resellers are prior for our 24/7 support team, that’s also ready for your questions, proposals, ideas whenever you have them and will assist you every step of the way. If there’s any problem — it’s handled immediately. We care about your needs and problems that’s why we have the best support specialists in the world.

Useful content

Our team is glad to offer support through the content published. You’re welcome to CrazyCall Blog, where you’ll find a vast of articles which can be used while affiliate marketing.

Marketing support

We provide a full stack of marketing materials — from links and screenshots to handouts, banner images, logos, product reviews, landing pages, etc. to support your affiliate marketing efforts and maximize your sales potential.

Highly-qualified leads

We are able to provide access to qualified leads prioritizes by the prefered region.

Promote! Promote! As soon as you bring in customers we’ll pay you!

Become a partner

By signing up I agree to follow the Program’s terms & conditions


We understand that you respect your visitors and want to recommend only reliable, worthy products. That’s why you have an opportunity to try our 14-day FREE trial to see how it works and check all its features.

Be sure our team will familiarize you with all the tips, tricks and tools on how to promote better and sell more of our software.

Don’t forget to place links in visible places where they’ll definitely catch eye of your visitors. Make it easy for them to find us on your website.

If you have any questions about setting up links, becoming the affiliate or reseller of CrazyCall, please don’t hesitate to contact us under e-mail