Call Center’s Local Lads [Infographic]

Call Center’s Local Lads [Infographic]

Call center industry has a long history. It goes without saying, everything that has long history has been accumulating stereotypes, so deeply rooted.

We know call centers for an exceptional level of employee turnover followed by colossal costs. This situation is acute especially in the case of those call center agents that are directly involved in telemarketing and telesales, facing dozens of objections daily.

That’s why every manager should know agents he is working with as the back of his hand to ensure that their cooperation will be long-term and mutually beneficial.

We relied on our observations and are pleased to introduce you characters that can definitely be found in every call center.

Don’t you recognize them?


Agents, being the face and the voice of your call center, should be motivated and inspired!

Explore more about call center motivational systems here.

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