7 Metrics to Track in Outbound Call Center [FREE e-book]

7 Metrics to Track in Outbound Call Center [FREE e-book]

Math is the best tool you could use to measure your performance. It gives clear results, without any pretty words around them. It’s easy to say “measure it” though, without telling you which metrics could benefit you. Thankfully we’re coming with the answer, presenting you 7 metrics to track in Outbound Call Center.

Learn about KPIs to track in outbound call center:

  1. Contact Rate
    This KPI is given by the amount of effective contact attempts (ones that includes a conversation) with customers compared to the number of used leads.
  2. Success Rate
    It’s the number of successes divided by the amount of conversations, for example if you divide the number of sales by the amount of phone calls picked up by potential clients the number you’re going to receive is your success rate.
  3. Hit Rate
    This call center metric is given as a percentage of a success number to closed leads.
  4. Efficiency
    This metric is the amount of successes achieved in an hour.
  5. Average talk time
    The amount of time that an agent spends on the conversations with the customers, divided by numbers of calls he made, expressed in seconds.
  6. Contact attempts
    This is the amount of attempts to reach one record.
  7. Calls per hour
    This is the amount of calls made in an hour. It can be measured for a clock-hour or an hour of agent’s work.

How to calculate them and how to use them and much more is to find in our free e-book, which you can download below (with examples):



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