One Thing that Stays in The Way of Sale

One Thing that Stays in The Way of Sale

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Personally, I’d add a couple of more positions to the list but for the worth of this article, I’ll limit myself to only one: objections. Even if we don’t have an objection to some matter making up one or two would only take a moment. There’s one record-breaker though: sales objections. Don’t even get me started on telesales in specific.

The good thing is that sales objections can be overcome, just as any other objections actually. All it takes is some practice in taking “no” as an answer rather than pretending you didn’t hear and continuing your talk.

“An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information.” – Bo Bennett.


Let’s take a closer look on some sales objections along with examples of overcoming them.

  • Not a right time to talk.

    First thought: is there ever a good time for a call from a telemarketer? You’ll think “not”, but actually there have been studies made, showing that at some times during the week we’re more likely to pick up the phone and have a results bringing conversation with sales representative.
    Following the research by LeadsResponseManagement.orgit’s best to make cold calls either in the “early” (for some) mornings, that is: 8-9am or time we most likely pack our stuff from work and count minutes to get home, around 4-5pm. More important are days. Would you think that the best ones for telemarketing are Wednesdays and Thursdays?

    Alright, but that is not a solution for time objection – that only works as a precaution.
    What should you do when this objection hits you right between the eyes then?

    The best option would be to empathize a little bit, tell them you understand, relate to their situation, and schedule another call for more convenient time.

  • We won’t use this.

    Well, this sale obstacle is a little bit more complicated, as there’s more than one reason behind. Here’s a few most obvious ones, the person you’re calling: uses something different, doesn’t use such service at all, doesn’t have enough money to invest in such tool as yours.

Let’s focus on them for a minute:

  1. Uses something different
    Not much for you to do there, if they’re happy with the solution they’re already using. It’s not like you’re going to ask them what they dislike about it and offer your own product as a better one. That would bring no result and put the company in the bad light as well. What you can do is talk in generals, what does work for them, for how long are they using it. After all, you can’t be completely sure that your product will be as great solution for them as you think.
  2. Doesn’t use such service at all
    There’s definitely larger space to maneuver and the best option would be to focus on questions. There’s no way of creating any good convincing strategy without the knowledge to base on.
  3. Not enough money to invest in such tool
    Price objections often mask non-money issues that lie under the surface, so first of all make sure you know what you’re really dealing with. If it’s a phony then work to uncover the actual objection by asking something like “If money were no object, what would be your ideal solution?”

    But if it’s the price that is the obstacle: don’t offer lowering your price, rather focus on building your product’s value, so there was no misunderstanding that it’s worth the cost. You can always change the package you’re offering, so it could be closer to the price your lead is willing to pay. Most important thing — don’t discourage yourself: keep talking.
  • No idea who you are

followed by unspoken and don’t care to know”.

That’s the most visible sign that your lead doesn’t trust you at all. They don’t know who you are and don’t feel like reaching out to get that knowledge.
They may use excuses like “your company isn’t local to us” or “you’re too small”, but it all comes to the one conclusion: you need to convince them you’re worth their time.
How to deal with that?

Use the reviews of clients you already deliver your service to, study cases, awards, any achievements you have actually.

So you see – there is no objection that cannot be defeated in some way or another. Sure, sometimes overcoming these may need a little more time than you’ve been given. It’s the matter of practice. Every type of art needs practice before perfection and talking sales is definitely some sort of calling art.
Don’t be too pushy though, trying to overcome your lead’s refuses and objections – it’s really easy to cross the fragile line and completely lose any chance for sale and rescue your relationship (and probably harm your company’s appearance a bit).

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