What does it mean?

Being a Partner actually means that you’re selling CrazyCall reserving the right to manage all the payments by yourself. Using this model of Partner Program allows you to put your own rate at which you sell the product to your customers. The main feature differing Partner from Affiliate is that instead of using referral links you’re responsible for setting up a license and managing it for your clients.

Why resell CrazyCall?

By reselling CrazyCall you’re getting an opportunity to become a partner to a reliable cloud-based solution offering proven product — outbound calling software that increases telesales
performance and efficiency of
cold calling.

Become a partner

Our offer

Becoming a Partner allows you not only to sell CrazyCall on your own terms, but to set up prices on your own authority as well. Furthermore, you are receiving

20% discount on all your purchases as long as your client uses CrazyCall.
CrazyCall stays in permanent contact only with a Partner and abstains from
contacting clients by itself.

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Become a partner

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