Increased Performance: Predictive Dialer vs. Power Dialer

Increased Performance: Predictive Dialer vs. Power Dialer

Sales teams constantly face challenges in handling outbound calling projects lately. Agents spend plenty of time dialing phone numbers, then can’t get anyone on line because of the wrong number. A bit time-consuming, wouldn’t you say so?

And analytics? What about analytics? Or rather the lack of it, which along with the lack of reports turn working process into a madness.

Nowadays teams making sales calls are given an opportunity to automate the calling process and it’s not the latest fad, only an effective way to significantly improve outbound calling performance. And here dialers come into a play.

One of the most frequently asked question to our support team sounds as follows: “Do you have predictive dialer?”. Let us through the picture below give an answer and compare two most popular dialers.

predictive power dialer

In my humble opinion, each sales team should independently choose the dialer which brings its staff more advantages and will keep pace with the project objectives.

Bearing in mind B2B, Power Dialer gives more opportunities. And what attracts B2B marketers most of all is that it makes possible to work remotely.

What’s more, Power Dialer enables rescheduling calls to a date and time prospects require, allowing agents to reach more concerned people at more convenient for them time.

With CrazyCall it’s extremely simple.
After clicking on “Schedule next contact” button, the system suggests you to choose other date from a calendar. Make notes in order not to forget about the reason of such decision and recycle the call back.

Find CrazyCall’s Intelligent Power Dialer the best option for yourself?



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