Being Convincing in Telesales

Being Convincing in Telesales

Do you know what to say to get exactly what you want from your lead? Are successes just coming to you by themselves, without you even trying too hard? You most certainly wish they did. Simply speaking: you wish to be convincing. Well, here’s the place to start…


Either on the Internet or in real life — it’s essential to master the art of presenting yourself well. And It’s not easy for most people; not at all. That’s why there are so many offline and online courses and lectures. That’s why there are trainers who specialize in teaching only that subject. Certainly, they have plenty of candidates willing to listen.

You’ve probably heard a thousand times already that, “It’s not about what you say; it’s how you say it.” Because, when it comes to delivering your sales message, every detail matters. Have you been looking at your hands half of the time? Were they shaky? Or maybe you’re eaten up with stress and therefore, mumbling or swallowing your words, or speaking so fast that no one can understand you? Presentation is much more complex than words.

What does that have to do with telesales?

Of course, you don’t have to worry about your shaky hands during a phone call. Neither do you have to look into the eyes of your lead. Does that mean you don’t really have to know anything about presentation? Hell to the no. Here are some reasons you do want to polish up your presentation skills:

1. Confidence

Presenting yourself well shows that you are confident. You can’t be afraid of being yourself. You’re not here to worry about others’ opinions of you — you’re here to create their opinions. People don’t have to agree with you to listen to what you’ve got to say; they have to respect you.

Your leads won’t see how you nervously pick at your cuticles while talking to them. But you will.

It’s impossible to sound confident, when everything you’re looking at shouts: “Stress!” You can’t constantly fear what your lead will say next and wonder how on earth will you win over his next (or constant) objection/s. Objections are not unbreakable.

You can benefit from the fact that leads don’t see you and instead, use that as a reason to lose your attitude. Sit more comfortably, take a deep breath and a sip of water. Put the stress behind you and you’ll boost your confidence immediately.

2. Stay focused

Sure, you shouldn’t be completely stressed out about  how you present yourself. Obsessing about every word you plan to say is not going to help. The impression you’re going to make may not be the one you want. On the other hand, you can’t be completely “cool” or “chill” and start chatting like the lead’s been your best friend since high school. You should aim for a point in the middle.  A friendly, but professional and knowledgeable focus is the way to win a lead’s trust.

Staying focused on the conversation is the key. I know that the internet can be entertaining — so many videos of cats to watch! However, you can’t do that. Neither can you send your colleague funny jokes via Messenger or keep staring at your reflection wondering if your lipstick has faded enough yet to apply another coat while on another boring sales call. When you’re talking to the client, that’s all you should be focused on. Believe me, it’s way too easy for a lead to notice that something else is occupying your mind.

3. Keeping it neat

When you’re about to make a public presentation you won’t perform in your sweatpants — unless you’re some kind of sports guru. In that case, it’s self-explanatory. Your appearance matters because the first impression is the most important thing. Fortunately, calling leads on the phone doesn’t require suiting up. You can sit and get comfy as long as you don’t overdo it.

Too many empty cups and plates on your desk? That needs to go. Even though you may love having all of your gizmos lying around, you’ve got to admit that it’s not the best place for them. Your surroundings matter. Items could distract you or help you keep your talk professional. Choose wisely. Don’t make it harder to concentrate on your work. It’s a long time till the weekend. Keep things clean: your desk, laptop and everything that you use daily — doing that will help you succeed at your job.

4. Attitude is the key

Dozens of times, I’ve written about how important motivation is. From my own, personal experience I can tell you how elementary a smile or tone of voice can be. It can change everything: the way someone reacts to things and the feeling behind that response. Even the memory you have after some event is dependent on the way it made you feel. A great sales call should make a customer feel important and satisfied with the call. Your attitude is the key.

5. Don’t be too soft

Sometimes it’s good that your customers feel cherished. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t agree with them all the time. Neither should you give them exactly what they want. They should have objections, so you can convince them. Your leads want to be convinced even if they’re interested in your offer from the very beginning. Give yourself a chance to talk more about your offer and ask many questions.  That shows that you should care about your client. It proves to them that they are making a good choice. Even if you don’t sell anything — you’ll learn something from each call.


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