Telesales Meet Screen Sharing

Telesales Meet Screen Sharing

Designed to improve your sales calls. Screen sharing can improve your performance — guys at CrankWheel know it best.

We’re all on board for making sales calls easier. In fact, we’ve been doing it for quite some time now and browsing through the opinions we’re receiving – it’s going good. The point is: improving your sales is important to us. It’s the concept our friends at CrankWheel share as well.

CrankWheel means a better connection between sales agents and leads. It’s a tool that allows you to share your screen with anyone you need. What’s more important and amazing at the same time is that your caller doesn’t need to be at her desks with a laptop to see what you want to show her. CrankWheel works on basically every device, on any browser you may have. No installations – another thing in common with CrazyCall. All you need is a good internet connection. 

Gain more from using both.

They say that a picture can be worth a thousand words – with all my love to photography I can’t disagree. However, when it comes to sales — it shouldn’t stay on its own. Being able to show your leads what you mean directly from your screen and explain it the same time what they’re looking at — it’s a sort of masterpiece. All that can be reached very easily by using CrazyCall and CrankWheel both at the same time.

There’s basically no doubts how helpful screen sharing can be in telesales. Aside from a little, teeny-tiny one: you need to be 100% sure that you know what you want to show and then stick with it. Thankfully, CrankWheel allows you to choose what you’re going to share.

Make a great demo without moving way from your desk

You don’t need to plan any follow-up meetings to do your product demo – it can be done right away. Sounds convenient, right? Especially, since time is one of the most important things considering sales and giving it away to your leads, so they could rethink their decision doesn’t necessarily works best for you.

Won’t lie – when I’ve heard about the idea of using screen sharing along with CrazyCall I wasn’t completely convinced. This combination didn’t seem to meet my idea  of masterpiece. However, the benefits were out there, loud and clear: it’s worth trying out.

CrankWheel allows you to add a visual presentation to your phone calls by sharing your screen or browser tab with prospective customers. If you decide to give it a shot, there’s a little something extra prepared! Sign up for a trial license and mention you’re from CrazyCall to get a secret surprise!

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