Every Word Matters or What a Sales Call Script Is Like [Infographic]

Every Word Matters or What a Sales Call Script Is Like [Infographic]

A lot of us sleep with visions of peak fitness, spending nights by the fridge. Everyone wants to be a CEO of multi-million dollar start-up, but only few give up their places, take a risk and start to work on own account. Everyone wants to get more new customers, but nobody wants to make outbound sales call. The fact remains that those who call first, receive half of the market.

There can be no denying that it’s much easier to keep the conversation in person. Emotions, facial expressions, gestures.. these our “friends” can hardly come to the aid in the case of sales calls. You have only a voice at your disposal. And a script, if there’s one.


A sales call script is often interpreted as a set of rules that must be adhered to. But is that the case indeed?
The script should rather be understood as possible answers prepared in advance, which provide a response to expected prospects’ reactions. The better you predict these reactions, the higher is your conversion. It means, simply put that you should know beforehand how the conversation will develop.

Unskilled “Phone Lords” experience lots of slip-ups, but the most common mistake is poor preparation, lack of already-mentioned beforehand knowledge. It’s impossible to envisage absolutely every emerging situation as the call proceeds, and this for anybody no secret.

Nevertheless, most of these situations can be overcome and the recipe is quite simple. What’s needed? Simply to remain confident and informed. You have to admit, this may actually be kind of hard to argue with.

If prospect’s objections stump you, just try to find out about the reasons for them. For one thing, you’re free to make a call again, already armed with all expertise necessary for conversation. And secondly, even if he doesn’t get in touch one more time, you’ll know how to act, being stuck in similar situation.

So don’t treat objections as a failure. Treat them as an experience!

Below we would like to provide some basic information regarding sales call scripts and give an example of “one-size-fits-all” script. Don’t forget, it’s just an example that can be used as a simple template.

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